Premium Quality Hay for your Livestock.

For over 20 years Red River Forage has been dedicated to keeping your animals healthy and productive by providing high-quality hay.

We understand how important high-quality hay is to the ongoing success of your operation.

Consistent and reliable hay production for operations across North America.

Choosing a quality hay producer demonstrates a commitment to the welfare of your animals, supporting their health, longevity, and performance. Our hay and straw has been used across North America for dairy cattle, beef cattle, goats, horses, rabbits and even guinea pigs!

Reasons to Partner.

  • Quality control at all stages: baling, hauling and shipping

  • Secure multi year hay supply in swath

  • Well maintained fleet of equipment to harvest at peak quality

  • Experienced harvest crew

  • Hay is covered under roof while baling to reduce weather damage

  • Custom delivery schedule to bring in hay when you need it

  • Cost effective with minimal price fluctuations year to year

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